Data Collection Intern

Ginger CupDelhi
10K - 15K
25 Dec. 2015

Job Description

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship:
1. Collecting Tea Vendor information in various prime areas of the city.
2. Submission of accurate/complete data by end of the day.

About Company

We at Ginger Cup provide free paper cups with ads on them to our registered consumers.
We convince advertiser to move completely from pamphlets marketing medium as it is merely a wastage of paper and has very short life to Ginger Cup marketing.
Same way we convince our consumers(like IT companies,startups,colleges,hospitals,banks etc)
not to use plain paper cups for drinking water ,coffee,or tea etc.
Our goal is to save paper and yet it should fulfill the requirement of both advertiser and consumers.
Hence we at ginger cup ,save paper used in leaflets and print same ads on paper cup.
Every time consumer uses ginger cup he/she save paper used in leaflet/pamphlets.
As this concept is different ,it requires a change in mindset of advertiser and as well as consumer.
We need motivated people who are leaders in their own circle and has very high ability to convince people to become proud member of Ginger cup club.


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.