Content Curator

10K - 15K
06 Aug. 2014

Job Description

Following will be the key roles of the candidate during the job tenure:

1. Highly creative and preferably experience data collection executive, who would be responsible for collecting content for all aspects of a digital presence of a spa or a salon

2. Collect rate cards, pictures, contact details etc. for a particular spa, salon, skin clinic, health center across the city to be put online

3. Should have excellent interpersonal communication skills

4. Main tasks – sourcing, curating and updating wellness outlets related data on our portal

5. Generate leads for sales team

About Company

Qurly aims to be an online destination for any wellness outlet, offering accurate and wholesome information regarding their services. With Qurly, we promise our visitors will find a whole new way to Discover Wellness. Join us in this new world of discovery.

At Qurly, we bring the world of wellness to your fingertips. Our website is designed with highly interactive social features like reviews and recommendations for outlets, services and stylists. We offer a specially curated Q & A section for all things related to wellness, style, beauty, fitness and health. We also cater to the well-informed patron with our exhaustive list of articles and wellness tips.


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