News Writer and News Reporter

Not Disclosed
25 June 2014

Job Description

We are looking for a candidate who can do:

[1] Article Writing.
[2] News Reporting.
[3] News Uploading.
[4] Has good command over English Language.
[5] Experience in News Article Writing (Preferred).
[6] IT (Web Browsing, CMS Experience Preferred).


The candidate will be responsible for:

[1] Writing Interviews.
[2] Networking.
[3] Events Coverage.

About Company

Community Samvada is a unique monthly news magazine, published individually colony/sector wise. Each of these publications carries news, views and events of individual colonies/sectors.

Most of the time residents get to know of the happenings all over the world through various mediums, but Samvada is the only medium which gives every resident the news of what is happening within their colony/sector.


Applying early increases your chances of getting shortlisted.