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Eat my news Delhi
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09 Aug. 2015

Job Description

1. Editor-in-chief.
2. Editors.
3. Sub-editors.
4. Public relations intern.
5. Social media marketing.


Key responsibilities during the internship
1. You will be assigned beats and you would be required to read multiple newspapers/online portals on a daily basis.
2. As an editor/sub-editor at Eat My News you would be summarizing the news story and customizing it as per different social platforms.
3. Social media marketing through innovative content generation.
4. Public relations, human resource management and marketing for Eat My News.


10 reasons why Eat My News is a great place to work at:
1. Be an integral part and experience the unique opportunity to work with a start-up since its inception and get that excellent x-factor experience bullet point on your CV to land you that dream job.
2. Extremely useful while applying for an MBA or higher studies.
3. Use your creative rendition and bring your own ideas to Eat My News.
4. Internship certificate and a letter of recommendation.
5. You will also be provided with an effective feedback on your work to hone your skills of expression & editing.
6. Develop your creativity with effective and constant guidance by our editors.
7. A lifelong asset in the form of the fans that you make through the Eat My News platform.
8. Opportunity to connect with the best and most dynamic student minds across the country by connecting, learning, collaborating, sharing ideas and making some amazing life-long friends.
9. Entrepreneurial and a fearless environment to work in.
10. Become a communications expert.
11. Hand on leadership experience by leading a team.

About Company

About Eat My News
As you all know in today's dynamic world, we're always on the move. As a result we miss out on what's happening in the World. Eat My News intends to create a society that is well informed by making news reading an easy habit worth forming.


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