Proof Reader

TNQ Books and Journals Pvt. Ltd.Chennai
Not Disclosed
25 June 2014

Job Description

The candidate should have the following requirements:-
1. During Training should undergo 1 month classroom training and practice proofreading in parallel.

2. Should perform well in the test during training.

3. Should understand the feedback provided by the seniors and make sure the same errors should not be repeated.

4. Should be self motivated to learn the job as quickly as possible.

5.Proofread the articles words worth or characteristically (depends upon the customer requirement).

6. Style check the articles according to the SOP, Checking the edits in the revises.


The candidate will be responsible for:
1. Meeting the required productivity as per the SOP.

2. Collecting the print out of images from the graphics/FTP department.

3. Proofreading the job with 100% accuracy.

About Company

TNQ is a publishing technology and services company based in Chennai, India. Founded in 1998, TNQ today serves some of the world leaders in STM publishing - like Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, eLife, Royal Society of Chemistry - across timezones from Australia to North America, specialising in Roman script composition and XML-first production processes.

Technology and innovation led, TNQ is a global leader in niche aspects of STM publishing. Proof Central, the company’s proofing platform, is fast-replacing PDF proofing processes, and is used by nearly a fourth of all STM journals globally. This transformational technology, first rolled out in October 2012, has received widespread acceptance and acclaim among end users, the authors. It eliminates errors that are inevitable in the content-integration process after PDF annotation, contributing substantially to publishers’ credibility, and cuts both process time and costs. TNQ expects to leverage the underlying principles of this technology to other areas of STM publishing and beyond.


Early to apply, early to get shortlisted! :)