Web Application Development Intern

IT & Computers
5K - 10K
04 March 2016

Job Description

Do you feel like a superhero when you code? Feel like a WonderCoder or an IronHacker? Are you obsessed about code performance, database scaling, response times and user experience? We're looking for you. CaterWow we are looking for great technology developers to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry of catering and events. You will join a small, independent and super talented team focussing on resolving customer pains in organizing group events. You will be a part of the founding team making a huge impact through technology in customers’ lives.


Your responsibilities will include:
1) Discover, design, develop, deploy, debug. Repeat.
2) End-to-end development of a web based application with platform independent APIs based on Python/Java/PHP (hosted on AWS). Associated backend and web service development, and database management.
3) Develop of UX for the web based application for order management, customer management and administrative tasks.
4) Basic graphics design in Illustrator/Photoshop.
5) Come up with innovative solutions to the hurdles that confront us on a day-to-day basis.
6) Pioneer product ideas and work with the team implement them.
7) Collaborate with the team and communicate effectively – within the team, and with the rest of the organisation as well.

About Company

CaterWow is an early stage company disrupting a multi-billion dollar catering and bulk food order business in India. We are a curated catering marketplace which allows you to order food for groups within minutes. Get customized meals at discounted bulk prices from your favourite restaurants. CaterWow, aims to create a food-tech platform specifically for catering and bulk orders. The business model has been proven in the US with a large opportunity in Indian and Asian countries. With an opportunity to be the first on the scene in India and capture the market, CaterWow is getting significant investor interest from investment firms and partner food providers. At its core, CaterWow is an AIRBNB like “Asset Light Marketplace” which helps businesses and restaurants, with "planned" bulk orders, thereby, helping them improve utilization and efficiency of their business. And at the same time, benefiting customers with good quality, great service at a lower cost. The company is rapidly expanding for its launch in Gurgaon (India) and has tied up with multiple partners in the region. We are looking for positions across the board for both full-time and internship basis.


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