Intern - Developers

Vaakya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore
IT & Computers
5K - 10K
28 July 2014

Job Description

About Vaakya: Vaakya is Bangalore based technology start-up which has created a new software platform & language to build cloud/web & embedded applications with relative ease.

Learn a new software language ‘Vaakya’ & Participate in the Market Launch of an innovative Cloud Platform ‘SkyVaakya’

Vaakya is seeking to engage passionate software enthusiasts to experience & participate in the launch of Vaakya’s new cloud based software development & deployment platform service named ‘SkyVaakya’.

In the process of your internship the candidate would learn the following things:-
1. Test Vaakya’s new online IDE & Cloud deployment platform ‘SkyVaakya’ and help in the launch of the cloud platform to numerous developers across the world.

2. The candidate will learn Vaakya - a new, innovative software language.

3. Test the online IDE & Cloud Hosting service.

4. Build a cloud based web application (come with your own app ideas).

5. Host your application on SkyVaakya Cloud Platform.

6. Showcase & promote your application to the world.

7. You will learn the process of launching a software product / service.


The candidate would be given incentives based on efforts, performance & results.

Online : Rs.5000 per month + Incentives / Rewards.

About Company

Vaakya Technologies is a Bangalore, India based technology firm focused on fundamental research and development of innovative software infrastructure products.

Over the past few years, the company invented "Vaakya", a cross-platform Software Computing Engine / Framework with a descriptive scripting language, for development and deployment of distributed software applications on the cloud & on devices.


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