IT & Computers
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03 Oct. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. A FRESHER Engineering graduate from Electronics/Electronics & Tel./Mechanical/Computer Science/IT stream preferred.

2. You should have attended an English medium school, as we require candidate with excellent English

3. Communication skills, written and spoken.

4. All Client Engagement will be with International Clients, therefore, you should be very comfortable in communicating in English with foreigners.

5. Candidates with BPO background will be preferred.

6. Candidate should have Strong Analytic abilities, logic skills, communication skills & client interfacing skills.

7. A lover of all things "web" - including mobile-web. Whilst you might not have a tech-degree, you like to think of yourself as biased towards everything "tech" and you KNOW what a good web-user-experience looks/feels like.

8. Diligent and you understand what the word "diligent" means without further explanation.

9. Honest, modest, friendly and patient.


11. Eager, eager, EAGER to always learn and better your skills and yourself.

12. Eager to find a company where you can grow and become a part of the Management team.


The candidate should carry out the following responsibilities:-
1. Managing the successful execution of web-based projects. Websites, micro-sites, HTML e-mailers. Responsive and non-responsive. CMS and non-CMS. Managing the development and testing ONLY. (NO creative or design work management. Clients give us their designs/psd files. You will then PM/oversee the development, testing, and launch of the Client’s creatives.)

2. Communicating up-front with Clients (from abroad) to understand their project requirements, assumptions and scope. Communication will take place via emails, Skype, phone, etc. IN ENGLISH ONLY.

3. Estimating the hours a project will take. Working with Management to work out a suitable project cost using the company's (co.'s) estimation process/guidelines.

4. Working with the other PMs and Management to figure out project resource assignments. (Requires keeping an eye on resourcing assignments at all times and keeping our resource assignment management system up-to-date.)

5. Getting commitment from the Client on the project's cost. Keeping Accounting informed of the same.

6. Breaking down the project into prioritized and achievable milestones/tollgates - e.g., Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, etc. Working with the Client to get feedback on these priorities and milestones.

7. Establishing work-breakdown structures with your development and testing teams that are both focused on the Client’s needs as well as what’s achievable with the resources assigned.

8. Making "preview" date as well as "go live" date commitments to Clients that are prioritized and achievable. Working with your development and testing teams to achieve this, and ensuring that EVERYTHING has been thought of in advance - ALL development and testing dependencies, as well as Client dependencies. Creating HL Schedules/GANTT charts that consider such dates and dependencies.

9. Seeing that the development and testing team stays on track with date commitments. Ensuring that all potential issues are escalated IN ADVANCE. Seeing that the quality and efficiency of the development and testing team outputs are up-to-standard, and if not, managing any concerns in advance and with the help of the Management team if required.

10. Ensuring that potential issues are discussed with Management/Clients in advance and managed appropriately.

11. Managing the go-live period.

12. Conducting post-postmortems and sharing leanings with all members of the team.

13. Keeping Accounting informed regarding project closure and costings.

14. Resource management, planning, and review. Weighing on decisions regarding who has the skills to-do what, who needs what training, where do we need to hire.

15. Ensuring co. quality and efficiency standards are followed. Auditing developers work. Auditing testers work. Audits will take place against the co.'s established standards.

16. Keeping Clients happy. Recognizing "above and beyond" activities that can be done to keep Clients happy, and executing such activities. Potentially with the input and help of Management.

About Company

PRDXN is a digital agency that works with global brands with high expectations. It’s therefore no surprise that we are driven to deliver nothing less than exceptional service to all our Clients. Since starting in 2006, we have executed thousands of projects, and worked with clients on big-name brands such as: Walmart, MTV, IBM, JPMorgan, Merrill Lynch, Volkswagen, Vodafone, Skittles and more. We have an in-house team of approximately 60 people. Our Project Managers, Developers, and Testers are led by a management team that drives a company culture focused on customer centricity and continuous improvement.


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