PRDXN (Production)Mumbai
IT & Computers
5K - 10K
07 Oct. 2015

Job Description

Job Description:
1. PRDXN welcomes intelligent, curious, and hard-working, Engineering Freshers, with a positive and proactive attitude, to join PRDXN.
2. PRDXN’s Web Development Program (2 Years):
- During your first three months, Developers will be trained on basic web technologies and guidelines: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive, jQuery.
- Post 3 months, Developers will then be chosen to work on teams where they will shadow and be trained on one or many of the following skill-sets: JavaScript, AJAX, PHP/MySQL, OOPs Concepts, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, CodeIgniter/Hero, MEAN Stack.
3. Developers who behave and perform well will be provided additional opportunities to:
- Work directly with Foreign Clients (NYC, London, Sydney, Los Angeles)
- Move into the role of a Technical or Developer Lead.
- Move into a more Senior role within the Company, depending on their skill-sets.


PRDXN Developer Goals:
1. Proactively communicate, ask questions, and problem-solve with everyone on your team (Developers, Testers, PMs, and Asset Managers).
2. Develop code that causes minimal-to-no: developer guideline related issues; behaviour, functional, or user experience issues; cosmetic or appearance issues (across all devices/browsers specified in the Statement Of Work); and/or speed issues.
3. Ensure that you are ALWAYS crystal clear with: what you need to do; and by when you need to do it by (priority and timeline).)

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