Software Engineer- PHP

Dongre TechnoquipMumbai
IT & Computers
15K - 25K
09 Dec. 2015

Job Description

You should apply if:
1. You enjoy solving problems (and are good at it!)
2. You are passionate about programming and delivering clean, test-covered, well-designed, scalable code.
3. You are not rigid with respect to choice of technology.
4. You have sharp reasoning and a logical bent.
5. You have a good grasp on programming fundamentals including OOPs, design patterns, algorithms, data structures, networking etc.
6. You have the makings of an ace developer.


1. Create complex business applications as a member of high energy teams.
2. Use MVC frameworks and OOPs concepts to build scalable modular applications.
3. Participate in the entire lifecycle of the Product - design, documentation, coding, testing and deployment.
4. Apply SOA concepts and use SOAP to build loosely coupled applications.
5. Imbibe usability engineering concepts and contribute to UI design processes.
6. Mentor other individuals and develop your career on goingly.
7. Take active participation in recruitment and training processes.


Benefits & Perks
1. We are passionate about what we do and not just because we offer the most competitive salaries in the industry.
2. No dress code. T shirts, shorts, jeans, flip flops are just fine.
3. Flexible work hours. We have flexible work hours and flexible holidays, which means that teams pick their own work hours.
4. We devote 10% of our work time to learn new things.
5. Flexibility to choose between a Windows or Mac for getting things done. We personally love Macs ;)
6. Free around the day snacks & beverages.
7. A carrom board & gaming sessions for unwinding after a hard day's work.
8. Our workspaces are comfortable and fun.
9. We go out for picnics, treks, adventure sports, leisure trips & play : cricket, football, chess, pool, kite flying and much more.
10.Purchase of books.

About Company

Founded in 2009, Dquip innovates, designs, delivers technology-enabled business software & solutions. Our offerings span sales and customer management applications, web design & application development.
We take pride in building strategic long - term client relationships. 94% of our revenues come from existing customers.


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