Software Trainee

Amexs TechnologiesMumbai
IT & Computers
5K - 10K
03 Nov. 2016

Job Description

Responsibilities :
At Amexs Technologies you would be expected to:

1. Developing and maintaining dynamic websites and web applications.
2. Ensuring fool proof performance of the deliverable.
3. Coordinating with co-developers and other related departments.
4. Sending regular updates about project status.
Requirements :
We expect you to know the following:

1. HTML : Understanding of the most commonly used html tags and the ability to decide which tag to use in a particular situation.
2. CSS : Knowledge of how CSS works and the most commonly used css properties.
3. JavaScript : Knowledge of what javascript is and what are its uses. Manipulating DOM Elements.Performing form based validations using JavaScript.Writing custom scripts to fulfill any requirement.
4. PHP : Clear Object Oriented Concepts . Experience with accessing form data via POST, GET , writing database queries in php, manipulating web pages with php. Knowledge of Session and commonly used php functions.
5. MySQL : Knowledge of CRUD operations. Must be able to write queries to extract/manipulate data in any form.
You will get preference if you also knew :
6. *CSS Framework : Experience with any CSS Framework (preferably bootstrap).
7. *JavaScript Framework : Experience with any JavaScript Framework (preferably JQuerry).
8. *PHP Framework : Experience with any PHP framework(codeIgniter /Laravel) .possess clear MVC concepts.

You should apply if :
1. You have the drive for technology and writing code is your passion.
2. You match with most of the requirements (let's say 4 out of 6) and are eager to learn the rest if given the opportunity.
3. You want an exciting and challenging opportunities with Amexs Technologies.


3 Months Prohibition period then there would be a salary revision


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.