Software Engineer Trainee

Optimus InformationDelhi
IT & Computers
15K - 25K
16 July 2014

Job Description

Job Requirements:-
1. We are looking for professionals who enjoy the world of software development, business intelligence and mobile applications.

2. Our ideal team members have an eye for detail, are ready to work hard, are team players and most importantly, take extreme pride in building long lasting client relationships.


Job Responsibilities:-
1. Reviewing current systems.

2. Presenting ideas for system improvements, including cost proposals.

3. Working closely with analysts, designers and staff.

4. Producing detailed specifications and writing the program codes.

5. Testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live.

6. Preparation of training manuals for users.

7. Maintaining the systems once they are up and running.

About Company

Optimus is designed to help global organizations address their information needs. The world of information is changing and so are the methods of managing it. We provide outsourced technology services to mid-sized organizations who have different needs than Fortune 500 companies. Optimus is designed to meet these specific needs.
The demand for outsourced technology services is increasing as organizations seek to increase their efficiency. This trend has been improved through advancements in technology and telecommunications that now allow outsourcing services to offer seamless services all over the globe.

Though outsourcing is a maturing market, mid-sized software companies and enterprises often struggle to find a reliable, nimble, and capable outsourcing vendor. Optimus has the right mix of size, flexibility, and experience to provide high quality outsourcing solutions to mid-sized software companies and enterprises.


Apply today. This opportunity might not be there tomorrow.