Software Developer

M B Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Delhi
IT & Computers
10K - 15K
24 Sept. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should have the following requirements:-
1. Should know about ASP.Net.

2. Basic knowledge about C#.

3. Should know about OOPS.

4. Knowledge about Sql and ADO.


The candidate should fulfil the following job responsibilities:-
1. Reviewing current systems.

2. Presenting ideas for system improvements, including cost proposals.

3. Working closely with analysts, designers and staff.

4. Producing detailed specifications and writing the programme codes.

5. Testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live.

6. Preparation of training manuals for users.

7. Maintaining the systems once they are up and running.

About Company

Businesses today are no longer satisfied with off the shelf business software development solutions. They are well aware of what they want and have a fair idea of the kind of business software that can help take care of any of the shortcomings they might be facing. For this reason, they want made-to-order business software solutions that perfectly satisfy their requirements on all counts. MBIT brings to them its many years of experience in the field of business software development and assures them of a product that is efficient, innovative and highly cost effective.


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