Software Engineer

Grey Orange RoboticsDelhi
IT & Computers
Not Disclosed
17 Aug. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should have the following requirements:-
1. Outstanding demonstrated problem solving skills (Having participated in competitions like CodeChef, ICPC, GSoC etc in case of recent graduates; Having built superb products in case of experienced).

2. Experience implementing state machines and algorithms.

3. In depth knowledge of at least one language.

4. Basic knowledge of Erlang will be a huge plus point.

5. Good programming skills.


The candidate should fulfill the following job responsibilities:-
1. Algorithm development, implementation and optimization for back end software for multiple AGV's (Autonomous Ground Vehicles) working in a real time environment (Implementation is being done on Erlang).

2. Implementation of machine learning algorithms for increasing the efficiency of the system with time.

3. Implementation of Distributed system software by working on several databases.

About Company

Grey Orange was started with a pain point “How can organizations have greater control over their warehousing operations?”

We found out that processes within the warehouse can be broken down into various sub-tasks that are repetitive. These sub-tasks are ideal for automative intervention.

We’re deeply inspired by Alan Kay’s philosophy that people who want to write really good software should make their own hardware. But finally, technology in itself is only a tool to achieve something far more valuable: Peace of mind.


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