Creative Designer

Dongre TechnoquipMumbai
Graphic & Design
15K - 25K
05 Feb. 2015

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. You have a Bachelor's or associate degree in graphic design / UX and / or have formal training in these technologies.
2. You have a solid understanding of Photoshop and HTML 5. Additional knowledge of CSS and action scripts etc would be a plus.
3. You are passionate about design and produce path breaking design ideas.
4. You are an Idea powerhouse.
5. Pro-activeness in presenting or 'pitching' new ideas and designs.
6. Good communication skills.
7. Out of the box thinking.
8. Excellent attention to detail.
9. Strong knowledge of color theory.
10. Thorough knowledge of Web (W3C) standards.


1. Ability to create brilliant visual designs.
2. Identify themes and trends in the visual design space and recommend changes to our & client websites.
3. You will be responsible for the entire UX lifecycle of one or more projects, including gathering requirements, defining user stories, creating UX prototypes and wireframes, coordinating their implementation and integration, writing interface text, usability testing (pre and post development) and more.
4. You will be expected to research and apply user-centered design processes to create high quality
user experiences, and reusable mocks and wireframe templates for various websites.
5. You have mastered the art of information architecture and usability engineering and can always come up with a structured, logical, intuitive, simple and clean way of translating user stories into text, screens and flows.
6. Your oral and written communication and articulation skills are immaculate and you can always come up with the perfect text for any given interface.
7. You understand the nuances of integrating user interfaces into code. You also keep in touch with
technology advancements and understand the impact of new standards on product design (for eg HTML 5.0 etc).

About Company

Founded in 2009, Dquip innovates, designs, delivers technology-enabled business software & solutions. Our offerings span sales and customer management applications, web design & application development.
We take pride in building strategic long - term client relationships. 94% of our revenues come from existing customers.


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