Content Champion Writer

Content and Media
5K - 10K
06 Nov. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. Be the voice of our organization. Get a word out about us on all the various platforms, social, newspapers, electronic media etc. If you can let your creative juices flow on paper, then you are just the guy for us.

2. We need someone who can be humorous and serious at the same time. We will love you more if you can write something good for us.

3. We also don’t want to miss out on the social media bus. So, we are looking for someone who can drive our social engine and always keep it on fire. You have the freedom to explore your idea and make mistakes.


The candidate should fulfill the following responsibilities:-
1. Write new content for our website and for our social media accounts.

2. Write article that addresses our target audience.

3. Come up with a story board and achieve daily/weekly milestones.

4. Get out the press releases and manage PR.

About Company

Picsurely is a market place where one can search for photographers. We are an early stage startup focused on building a global web platform to find and hire photographers. We have a basic functional website ready, and are looking for people who can build it out further and create an excellent user experience. Being an aggressive web startup, we are looking out for interns who would shape the future for this company. Picsurely is the brainchild of few IIM Calcutta graduates who have diversified work experience. We are young, dynamic and also risk takers. Come, join us and help us build something meaningful.


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