Campus Ambassador

College Ambassador
Not Disclosed
16 May 2015

Job Description

About the Campus Ambassador Program:-

The KALACARNIVAL Campus Ambassador program is an amazing opportunity for college
students throughout the country to connect with other ambitious students, become
campus leaders, represent kalacarnival on campus and gain valuable career
experience in social media and startups. The Ambassador Program is designed to
help social students do what they do best at their college – rally students to
workshops ,which will enhance their skill sets – while raising awareness about

Job Role:-

Using KALACARNIVAL as their first choice whenever they need to search for a
workshop, on any topic that intrigues them.
Providing feedback about the workshop requirements in their college to the
Designing and executing creative workshop marketing campaigns.
Representing and promoting KALACARNIVAL at relevant campus activities and
Hosting KALACARNIVAL Meetups on campus to grow our ambassador outreach team.
Creating partnership opportunities with on and off-campus groups, clubs,
organizations and events.


The KALACARNIVAL Campus Ambassador program is an amazing opportunity for
college students to become campus leaders and gain valuable career experience in
social media, event promotion and entrepreneurship. The KALACARNIVAL Team
works very closely with each Campus Ambassador team to customize workshops and
outreach programs to the interests and connections of the ambassadors and the
colleges they attend. We believe that our ambassadors are our most valuable
asset and therefore we treat them like trusted, intelligent and creative

Aside from the fame and glory of being an exclusive KALACARNIVAL Campus
Ambassador you will also get the chance to:

Receive monthly cash rewards for hitting performance goals and cash rewards on
organising workshops in their campus.
Receive a reference letter from the kalacarnival CEO to go along with that new
shiny title on your resume.
Gain valuable career experience in event and digital marketing.
Attend Google+ sessions with KALACARNIVAL Growth Team for feedback, event design
sessions and a taste of what it’s like to work at KALACARNIVAL .
Be a top Ambassador and receive an offer for a 2015 summer associate position.
Be profiled on KALACARNIVAL blog and social media channels.
Receive exclusive early access to new KALACARNIVAL workshops and events help by
the organisation.


The early bird gets the worm. Apply now!