TESCO Hindustan Service CentreBangalore
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03 Aug. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. To design and plan Tesco New Stores' infrastructure as per Tesco Format standards in co-ordination with UK , Asia or Central Europe Development planning department.

2. To produce feasibility briefing sketches, manage, deliver and present quality schemes for new stores, ensuring they deliver value, conform to Tesco KPIs, design standards and corporate steering wheel objectives.

3. Create quality plans and designs for schemes which deliver best value for money.

4. Feasibility Architecture delivers the best value scheme that aligns with Tescos business plans and responds to the site requirements & context.

5. The design solution demonstrates innovative ideas to unlock the site and maximize its potential while still adhering to Tescos design standards, Site Research requirements & local councils planning requirements.


The candidate should fulfill the following job responsibilities:-
1. Focuses on the standards and technologies for enabling systems performance qualities, such as availability, scalability, recoverability, etc.

2. Evaluates and selects the enterprise’s server hardware, operating system, job control.

3. Supports the Applications architect in selecting the application framework.

4. Balances the quality issues cost vs. robustness, and hardware architecture, such as share-nothing n-tier vs. share-all symmetric multi-processing (SMP).

5. Monitors performance benchmarks provided by the Transaction Processing Council (TPC).

6. In conjunction with the Project Architect (PA) sizes the application and selects the hardware and configuration to use.

About Company

The Tesco Hindustan Service Centre (HSC) is the Global Services Arm for Tesco. The centre sits at the heart of the Tesco group, and provides IT and Business services to Tesco operations across Europe and Asia. Tesco was the first major international retailer to have a fully-owned support centre in India. Our core purpose at Tesco is to create value for our customers to earn their lifetime loyalty and Tesco HSC is dedicated to supporting those values by providing great service to our internal customers.

This unique IT and Business Services model means that our people have the opportunity to develop their careers across a wide variety of areas, gaining a diverse range of experience and working with a growing, world-class, professional team.


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