Key Accounts Manager

Campus ConnectMumbai
Accounting and Finance
5K - 10K
02 Aug. 2014

Job Description

The candidate should fulfill the following requirements:-
1. Control on day to day accounting Guide and support team members.

2. Preparation and analysis of MIS (Daily/weekly/month y/quarterly) accounts.

3. Finalization of accounts, interaction with auditors - statutory and internal.

4. Control on expenses , payouts.

5. Tax compliance - Direct and Indirect.


The candidate should fulfill the following job responsibilities:-
1. Manage day-to-day sale and purchase accounts of assigned sub-division.

2. Present a review of the finance requirements and financial status of his/her sub-department to superiors.

3. Submit quarterly financial reports detailing overall performance. Creation of these financial statements (balance sheets, cash flow statements, profit and loss accounts) forms a major a part of his role.

4. Assist in filing a company's financial returns.

5. Study and recommend tax-saving solutions as well as better fiscal health strategies.

About Company

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